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January – Crystal Grids

This box contains 5 different gridding layouts and information and instructions on how to set up your own crystal grid using the crystals provided,which include;

A Rainbow of tumblestones

Base Chakra – Carnelian – Safety,Security,Warmth and good health,good for colds and flu. Works with all of the base chakra needs.

Sacral Chakra –Orange Calcite – Uplifting,Vitality and Joy, Vitamin for the soul.Energy increases,cleansing.Works with all of the Sacral Chakra needs.

Solar Chakra – Golden Yellow Calcite – Confidence, Energy, Self worth and esteem,Anxiety and depression.Works with all of the needs of the solar chakra.

Heart Chakra – Nebula Stone – Love and Connection, Ancestral connection. Works with all of the heart chakra needs, in addition can be used for earth healing.

Throat Chakra – Blue Tigers eye – Strength,Communication and truth,Boundary setting, Motivation. Works with all fo the needs of the throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst – Intuition,Insight,Perspective,Second Sight,Connection to the spiritual through visions. Works with all of the needs of the third eye chakra.

Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz tumble – Spiritual connection, Spiritual development.

Center Crystals X2 – these will vary depending on what is in stock and accessible – one rounded and one pointed.

Connector crystals : 6 double terminated Pakistan quartz diamonds These zippy little double pointed quartz “diamonds” are great at conducting energy thanks to their unique shape. They are master healers,uplifting and energising they connect with the crown chakra.