Amethyst smokey elestial rough crystal


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A wonderful smaller smokey amethyst elestial quartz crystal

Measurements : 58mmx32mmx33mm
Weight :56g

This is a real delight of an elestial quartz with both amethyst and smokey quartz present.

A gorgeous smokey elestial with some fabulous etchings and markings. Elestial means “crystal of angels” it is excellent for connecting with guides and spirits.The smokey vareity helps one to ground and connect through the earth star chakra which connects us to all at earth level.

Thus it is a crystal of expansion, it assists one to stretch the aura both up and down. It helps with fear and shame based emotional responses and encourages self care and nurturing.
Smokey elestial is a crystal for BIG plans. Adventure and Ambitions and following your soul purpose are advocated for using smokey elestial.

This is a particularly beautiful and well marked, formed crystal that would be wonderful to run your fingers over during meditation.

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Weight 76 g
Dimensions 240 × 240 × 150 mm