Lemurian seed quartz crystal minais gerais brazil 34-46mm intuitively picked or ask for photos to pick your own


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Stunning Lemurian seed crystals ranging from 34-46mm. This listing is for One crystal that will be intuitively chosen for you, unless you get in contact to specify and pick your own (I will provide pictures of whats available)

Lemurian seed crystals are beautiful clear quartz crystals that originate from the Minais Gerais mines in Brazil. These fabulour and very clear quartz crystals have striations or barcoding – that is, lines raised or etched into the sides of the crystal, Lemurian Seeds have these on every other side as compared to Lemurian crystals which have them on every side.

Katrina Rapheal coined the term “Lemurian seed crystal” and they are said to be linked with a group of star seeders who worked on our planet before the time of Lemuria, they left the crystals within the earth spear programmed with the knowledge and energy to create unity and oneness. Thus these potent crystals are often recommended for spiritual development, persuits and for focusing love and peace energy in all pursuits. They are zippy and highly energetic, and are often recommended for crystal therapists to have to hand in their tool kit. They are great for meditation. Rub the barcodes and etchings in meditation and it is said to unlock information / downloads to the human aura and system.

Clear quartz is an excellent conductor of energy and is said to help one receive clarity and insight, it connects with the crown and third eye chakras and is said to be cleansing and rejuvinating, these rough points will double as a wand to direct energy in crystal gridding and body layouts.

These crystals vary in size and width, please do contact me if you would like to pick your own and I will provide you with pictures.

The information provided in this listing if for information purposes only and is not meant to be taken instead of consulting with a qualified health professional. Crystal healing is a holistic and complementary therapy. Your crystal will be shipped within 3 days of your order being placed,please note this listing is for ONE crystal.

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