Past life art reading


These unique readings, consist of Cat tuning into your field to pull up a picture of what you looked like, and some detail of your life, in a past life.

You recieve a fully original A4 portrait rendered in pencil and ink, and where colour is necessary,watercolours.

Each piece comes on heavy,quality watercolour paper. In a protective, biodegradeable bag and then packed in a cardboard backed envelope. Each artwork is signed and dated, and comes with some short notes on what Cat has devined during your reading. These will be printed out on a seperate piece of paper.



What did you look like in a past life?

Let Cat render it for you in pencil and ink. This unique reading comes as a beautiful original piece of artwork, through your front door.



Additional information

Weight 76 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 3 mm