Triceratops dinosaur rose quartz crystal skull carving


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A unusual and lovely triceratops gemmy rose quartz carving. Very intricately carved and shimmery, the light bounces off the plates in the crystal and create a lovely visual.

Measurements: 69MMX40MMX57XX

Weight: 80g

These crystals are said to be nurturing and calming and often recommended by Crystal healers to carry during pregnancy or place under the pillow to help keep anxiety and worry at bay. Rose quartz is said to be the motherhood stone and is a true love crystal of compassion,kindness and self care. It discourages harsh judgement and encourages kindness towards oneself inwardly. It resonates with both the 1st and 2nd heart chakras.

Rose quartz is often recommeded for Anxiety and for young people,pregnancy,motherhood and love – romantic and platonic. Outward and Inward.

As always the information provided here is just that, for informational purposes only and is not to be taken in lieu of consultation with a medical professional. This listing is for ONE crystal that will be chosen intuitively for you UNLESS you get in contact and would like to pick yourself.

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